We offer a variety of services to meet all of your personal and commercial insurance needs. Below is just an overview of some of the services we offer. For the best options to meet your individual needs, be sure to contact us today!

Car Insurance

Auto insurance provides property, liability and medical coverage and protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is a contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay the premium and the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in your policy.

Homeowner's Insurance

A form of property insurance designed to protect an individual's home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home against perils defined in your policy. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance is a separate policy that is required when purchasing a home in a flood plain. If you would like to learn more about flood insurance contact us for more information or visit the FEMA website to learn more at

Renter's Insurance

A form of property insurance that provides coverage for a policy holder's belongings and liability within a rental property. Renter's insurance applies to persons renting or subletting a single family home, apartment, duplex, condo, studio, loft or townhome. The policy protects against losses to the tenant's personal property within the rented property.

Umbrella Policies

Extra liability insurance coverage that goes beyond the limits of the insured's home, auto or watercraft insurance. It provides an additional layer of security to those who are at risk for being sued for damages to other people's property or injuries caused to others in an accident. It also protects against libel, vandalism, slander and invasion of privacy.

Boat Insurance

This coverage protects against Injury to another person, damage to another's property, legal expenses incurred when you let someone else use your craft, medical payments for injuries sustained by you and passengers, and theft. Policies also cover loss of the craft. Optional coverage includes uninsured boater, fishing equipment, other personal items, fuel spill liability, wreckage removal, and associated water sports like skiing or kneeboarding

There are several watercraft coverage limitations in a standard homeowner policy. Liability coverage is generally excluded for most watercraft, in most situations unless the boat is a sailing vessel under 26 ft., an outboard of 25 horsepower or less or inboard or inboard/out drive motors of 50 horsepower or less. Also excluded is any business use.

Motorcycle Insurance

This coverage protects damage to vehicle or property, theft, vandalism, injury to the insured or other people, personal liability, and/or accidents with uninsured or underinsured drivers.

RV/Motorhome Insurance

This coverage offers bodily injury and property damage liability like auto insurance and also covers your legal liability for an accident that involves injury to another person or damage to someone's property, up to the limit of liability you select.  Comprehensive and collision coverage, which protects your vehicle, is also offered.

ATV/Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Coverage that is provided for golf carts, gators, and any other off road vehicle.  This coverage offers liability coverage if you cause injury or damage someone’s property.  Comprehensive and collision coverage can be purchased to protect your ATV.

Commercial/Small Business Insurance

We offer a wide variety of commercial products through several national commercial carriers.  We have markets to write your general liability, building coverage, commercial auto, workers compensation, inland marine, surety bonds and commercial umbrella policies.  Our markets can accommodate most commercial insurance needs.

Be sure to contact us so that one of our agents can help you to best understand all your options.